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This is the most comprehensive collection of on-line materials relating to impaired driving. MADD Canada is committed to eliminating impaired driving and we will do this, in part, by ensuring Canadians are informed on the important issues surrounding drinking and driving.

Below you will find six categories, organizing thousands of webpages in the library.

MADD Canada Publications

The organization’s print publications, multi-media productions, and background notes such as annual reports and policy briefs. Publications Index.


Papers and publications on statistics relating to impaired driving. Statistics Index.

Research Papers

Here is a collection of links and articles on today's most important impaired driving issues. Research Papers Index.

MADD Canada Media Campaigns

For a listing of some of MADD Canada's media campaigns from over the years, click here.

Technology Partnership for Preventing Deaths and Injuries on Canadian Roads

New technology is emerging that encompasses a broad spectrum of circumstances that can prevent deaths and injuries on Canadian roads. Learn more...


Here are useful links for on-line sources for victim support, public policy debate, and other road safety and impaired driving organizations. Links Index.

Related Links

MADD Canada support materials and resources for victims, including the National Office’s lending library can all be accessed from the Victim Support Index.

Materials for MADD Canada Chapter volunteers in support of our mission can all be accessed from the Chapter Materials Index.

For the latest news releases and policy background notes from MADD Canada, click here.




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