MADD Canada Media Campaigns

Public Awareness Videos

These MADD Canada public awareness programs consist of presentations of different videos that impact its audiences and leave them with lasting impressions on the dangers of drinking and driving. The videos are presented by local Chapter members and incorporate the true-life stories of actual impaired driving victims.

Too Close to Home
21 min.
Too Close to Home (for youth)
19 min.
MADD Canada: Who we are
14 min.
Honouring Our Spirit
23 min.
How much is too much
13 min.
It'll Cost You Big Time
20 min.
Not Ready to Go
20 min.
Prisoners for Life
18 min.
The Heart of the Matter
9 min.
Au cœur du sujet
14 min.
Marqués à vie
15 min.
Pas prêts à partir
20 min.

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Public Television Campaign Messages YouTube

Check out MADD Canada's channel on YouTube.

Public Radio Campaign Messages


  • MADD Tequila 417 * - ENG
  • MADD Last round - ENG | FR
  • MADD Arm - ENG | FR
  • Zero Tolerance Snowmobile Campaign - ENG | FR
  • Snowmobile Campaign with Allstate Insurance Company of Canada - ENG | FR

Victim Outreach Posters

  • Daughter - ENG | FR
  • Mother - ENG | FR
  • Sister - ENG | FR
  • Katie McNally - PDF
  • Aleta & Rick - PDF
  • April Manitowabi - PDF
  • Joe & Shania - PDF
  • Kali & Jeremy - PDF
  • Katelynn Porter - PDF

Please note that these PDF files are large (5+ MB) and may take some time to load.

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