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The MADD Canada public policy team compiled this collection of links and articles to inform the public on current and available research respecting the most important impaired driving issues facing Canadians today.

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The Latest Statistics

  • PDF Alcohol, Trauma and Impaired Driving - Updated November 2009
  • www The Magnitude of the Alcohol/Drug-Related Crash Problem in Canada - Revised April 2008
  • www More statistics


A Lower BAC

  • pdf The BACs of Dead, Alcohol-Positive Drivers in Canada from 1987 – 2008
  • pdf The ABCs of BAC
  • pdf The Case for a 0.05% Criminal Code BAC Limit
  • pdf Calculating BACs For Dummies: The Real-World Significance of Canada's 0.08% Criminal BAC Limit for Driving
  • pdf BAC to the Future - Modernizing the Criminal Drinking-Driving Threshold
  • pdf Effects of a Reduced Alcohol Limit for Driving
  • pdf "The Effectiveness of Reducing Illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits for Driving", PIRE Research - September 2003
  • pdf The Tooth Fairy
  • pdf The BACs of Dead, Alcohol-Positive Drivers in Canada from 1987 to 1999: What Do The Numbers Tell Us?
  • www Vast majority of Canadians want effective impaired driving laws and appropriate sentences
  • www Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits Worldwide, International Center for Alcohol Policies


Young Drivers and Drugs and Alcohol Impairment

  • pdf Youth and Impaired Driving in Canada : Opportunities for Progress
  • pdf The Case for a Provincial 0.00% BAC Limit for All Drivers Under the Age of 21
  • www Alcohol Policy and Young People, The Globe (2004)
  • www Statistics Relating to Impaired Driving and Youth from MADD US
  • pdf Reasons for the reduction in young alcohol-impaired drivers. From the International Conference on Drugs and Traffic Safety (Montreal)
  • pdf Zero blood alcohol concentration limits for drivers under 21: lessons from Canada


Drug Impaired Driving

  • pdf Collisions of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine abuse clients before and after treatment. From the International Conference on Drugs and Traffic Safety  (Montreal)
  • www Drinking, cannabis use and driving among Ontario students. Canadian Medical Association Journal (2003)
  • pdf Alcohol, Trauma and Impaired Driving (PDF) - Updated February 2006
  • www MADD Canada supports Federal Government's Violent Crime Bill (drug impaired driving legislation)
  • www 'If you're high, you can't drive' - MADD Canada's awareness campaign against drug impaired driving


Suspended Drivers

  • pdf Trends In First Time One-Year Licence Suspensions: Ontario (1991 - 2001) - May 2004
  • pdf Fatal and Injury Crashes among Unlicensed Drivers in Ontario: 1996 - 2003 MAY 2007
  • word Trends in First-Time Disqualifications in Saskatchewan - April 2006
  • word Driving While Disqualified in Saskatchewan - July 2006


Police Enforcement

  • pdfRandom Breath Testing (RBT): A Review of the Evidence
  • pdfRandom Breath Testing – MADD Canada’s Response to Charter Concerns
  • pdf Impaired Driving Survey for Transport Canada/MADD Canada - Final Report
  • pdf Impaired Driving and Other Traffic Offences - 2002, Juristat
  • www Proportion of injured alcohol-impaired drivers subsequently convicted of an impaired driving criminal code offence in British Columbia


Federal Policies

  • pdf Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws Against Hospitalized Drivers
  • pdf Reforming the Federal Impaired Driving Legislation: Next Steps - Feb. 2009 (Aussi disponible en français)
  • pdf MADD Canada's Mother's Report:  Federal Priorities for New Impaired Driving Legislation (2006)
  • pdf Taking Back Our Roads
  • www MADD Canada supports Federal Government's Violent Crime Bill (drug impaired driving legislation)
  • www C-2 Federal Legislation Policy Background, Justice Canada (including drug impaired driving) 
  • pdf Canada's Strategy to Reduce Impaired Driving Experience to Date and Future Aspirations, CCMTA presentation to the International Conference on Drugs and Traffic Safety  (Montreal)
  • pdf Impaired Driving Workshop Proceedings May 2001 - CCMTA summary presentation


Provincial Policies

  • pdf MADD Canada Model 2009
  • pdf Rating The Provinces: The 2009 Report Card
  • pdf Rating The Provinces: The 2006 Report Card
  • www See the latest on MADD Canada's on-going Rating the Provinces policy
  • pdf Estimating the Presence of Alcohol and Drug Impairment in Traffic Crashes and their Costs to Canadians: 1999 to 2006 (Revised February 2009 -- contains provincial breakdowns)
  • pdf Ontario's administrative licence suspension (ALS) program


Effective Technologies (e.g. - ignition interlocks)

  • www The Alberta Interlock Program: the evaluation of a province-wide program on DUI recidivism
  • www Comparative and joint prediction of DUI recidivism from alcohol ignition interlock and driver records
  • pdf California department of justice evidential portable alcohol system (EPAS), From the International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (Stockholm)
  • www Technology Partnership for Preventing Deaths and Injuries on Canadian Road
  • pdf Rating the Provinces and Territories on Ignition Interlock Programs: The 2008 Report Card
  • pdf Elements of a Model Ignition Interlock Program


MADD Canada's Effectiveness

  • pdf Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): The First 25 Years
  • pdf Analysis of Lives Saved due to Reduction in Alcohol Related Fatal Crashes For the Years 1982 through to 2006: 30,589 (Revised April 2008)


Impact of Privatization

  • pdf Alcohol Retail Monopolies and Privatization of Retail Sales in Ontario - May 2010
  • pdf Provincial Liquor Boards: Meeting the Best Interest of Canadians - May 2011





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