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Rating the Provinces is an on-going comprehensive review of provincial and territorial laws that provide Canada’s governments with legislative agendas to effectively reduce impaired driving. Every three years,MADD Canada releases a study that reviews andgrades each jurisdiction’s impaired driving legislation. These document identify the evolving best practices in our country, as well as comment on new innovative measures that need to be introduced into Canadian jurisdictions.

With the Rating the Provinces documents, MADD Canada ranks each Province and Territory in relation to the completeness and effectiveness of their impaired driving laws. Full documents can be found below.

  • Rating The Provinces: The 2009 Report Card (PDF)
  • Rating The Provinces: The 2006 Report Card (PDF)
    • Rating The Provinces: The 2006 Report Card Podcast (MP3)
  • Rating The Provinces: The 2003 Report Card (PDF)
  • Rating The Provinces: The 2000 Report Card (PDF)


2004 – 2008 Progress Reports

  • Rating the Provinces: The 2008 Progress Report (PDF)
  • Rating The Provinces: The 2007 Progress Report (PDF)
  • Rating the Provinces and Territories: The 2005 Progress Report (PDF)
  • MADD Canada’s 2004 Progress Report for Provinces and Territories (PDF)

Background Documents

Rating the Provinces: MADD Canada Model 2003 (Doc)
Youth and Impaired Driving in Canada:  Opportunities for Progress (PDF)
Alcohol, Trauma and Impaired Driving, 3rd Edition (PDF)






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