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MADD marches in Ottawa for random breathalyzer tests
CBC News
May 9, 2012

A group of parents whose children were killed or injured by drunk drivers say they want random breathalyzer tests at roadside stops.

About 14 women with Mother's Against Drunk Driving marched to Parliament Hill on Wednesday, many carrying pictures of their children, to meet with dozens of Members of Parliament about their proposal.

Currently police at checkpoint programs like RIDE can demand breathalyzer tests if they suspect the driver is intoxicated, but the women would like to see those tests extended to all drivers stopped.

Kathleen Milhousen's daughter died in 2004 at the age of 16 in a collision with a vehicle operated by a drunk driver. She was on the way to a graduation sleepover, said Milhausen.

"I don't want the memory of my daughter to die," she said. "I don't want it to be as senseless as it seems. I want there to be a reason. If we can save one person it will be worth it."

The group believes the change could save up to 200 lives a year.

Ottawa resident Gaetan Gendron said his son Eric was 20 years old and about to be deployed to Bosnia with the armed forces when he went out for one last night with friends.

The designated driver had been drinking and crashed the car, killing Eric Gendron.

"I just wish people would realize the trauma and the grief they're causing by drinking and driving," said Gendron.




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