Stephanie Mary Tourikian
Home City: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Age: 19
Date of Crash: January 6, 1994

Stephanie had just returned to L.A. the morning of the 6th of January 1994 (about 1 AM). Her friend Barbara Paul picked her up at the airport. They were on their way to Barbara's house to spend the night. The next morning they were to go to their campus at the University of California Riverside where Barbara and Stephanie were both sophomores. While on their way to Barbara's house, a car driven by an impaired driver (alcohol) hit Barbara's car and instantly killed both girls.


The message that follows is a passage from a letter written by Stephanie to her best friend Valerie Serpico. It demonstrates the thoughtfulness, vision and compassion possessed by Stephanie.

"I would like to build a better world. A world in which I can dream, live my dream and be happy. A world of fantasy where the walls of reality are knocked down, and dreams fly like in clouds. A peaceful world with no hate, no abuse, no violence of any kind. No mean words, no racism, just peace and dreams."

This was Stephanie's message. This is her most fitting tribute.

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